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Data localization or data nationalism, which terms I will use synonymously here, has received growing attention. Numerous commentators (including myself) have raised questions about efforts at the national or regional level to regulate the flow of data across borders or to create incentives to localize data processing and storage. This is the topic of the important new article Data Nationalism by Anupam Chander and Uyê P. Lê published in the Emory Law Journal. Chander and Lê provide a thoughtful and useful analysis of regulatory initiatives that promote data nationalism. They have cast their net widely to include examples from around the world (including citation of materials in languages such as Russian and Vietnamese). The Article's careful consideration of numerous data localization initiatives, the motivations behind them, and their social, economic, and legal implications fills an important need in the literature on Internet regulation. In this short piece I will both respond to the Article and comment on some important overarching issues that it raises.

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