Emory International Law Review


This Essay is a special contribution to the Journal of Law and Religion and the Emory International Law Review, honoring the work of Professor Abdullahi An-Na’im and his impact on my work, and more broadly, discourses on Islam in America, rights, and citizenship.

This Essay, celebrating the landmark work of Professor An-Na’im and its impact on my scholarly and public work, will examine these two fronts. By challenging the political constructions of Americanness and Muslim identity that prevailed on the right, left, and in-between, An-Na’im inspired new frontiers of thought and thinkers that followed his footsteps. This line of intellectual impact emanates from his landmark contributions on human rights and Islamic law, but also stands alone to inform the work of thinkers, like myself, who write beyond the bounds of the spheres where Professor An-Na’im made his name.