Emory International Law Review


As the Colombian government is attempting to achieve peace in its country after fifty-two years of civil conflict, peace will not be attainable unless the Colombian government addresses the vulnerable status of Afro-Colombians and their land rights in the Pacific region of the country. The vulnerability of Afro-Colombians and their land rights have greatly impacted the instability in the nation. Throughout the civil conflict, numerous bloody skirmishes occurred on the arable lands of Afro-Colombian. These bloody skirmishes will continue because of the desire of criminal non-government actors to take the arable land and use it for profit. This Comment proposes that to protect Afro-Colombians and their lands the Colombian government should communicate with Afro-Colombians and implement a stronger policy of consulta previa by using the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People as a guideline and by granting Afro-Colombians the ability to veto the plans that are presented to them.