Emory International Law Review


Alys V. Brown


The United States currently houses the world¿s largest prison population, which creates a heavy financial burden on our government. To improve the current state of America¿s criminal justice system it is imperative that the we look to other countries to determine how to provide justice in a more cost-efficient manner. In 2011 the United Kingdom piloted a Payment-by-Results (PbR) program, a form of incentive-based payments, in a number of their private prisons. The purpose of the PbR program was to encourage private prison providers to find creative ways to lower reconviction rates to receive a bonus payment. This Comment focuses on the PbR programs in the U.K. and their applicability to prisons in the United States. This Comment proposes that both private and public prisons at the state and federal levels in the United States should begin implementing PbR programs to decrease prison populations and costs and increase prisoner wellbeing.