EXPLORING GUN VIOLENCE IN MODERN AMERICA: Law, Policy and Social Movements will explore our various issues gun violence presents to our country today by bringing together experienced speakers with differing views on the causes of and solutions to gun violence in America. The Symposium will tackle complex, controversial, and nuanced issues related to firearms and how we treat them academically, socially, and criminally. In an era of frequent mass shootings, we will analyze the relationship between the Second Amendment and a problem that some argue is unique to our country and to our time. We will confront virtues and problems associated with gun crime prosecutions at both the state and federal levels with a particular focus on how and why race and social status relate to prosecution rates. We will also explore the complicated relationship between gun violence, gun law, and mental health, particularly important given that the CDC reports that over 60 percent of gun deaths each year are by suicide rather than third party crime. Finally, we will examine how interest groups and social movements have affected the development of gun policy and gun laws through the use of lobbying, protesting, and other forms of political pressure. Each speaker will approach these topics from a unique perspective and will offer different views and solutions to the problems presented by gun violence in America today.

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Thursday, February 7th
8:00 AM

Event Program

Emory Law Journal

Tull Auditorium, Emory University School of Law

8:00 AM - 8:15 AM

8:15 AM

Keynote Discussion: The Second Amendment in an Era of Mass Shootings

Robert J. Cottrol, George Washington University School of Law
Adam Winkler, UCLA School of Law

Tull Auditorium, Emory University School of Law

8:15 AM - 9:15 AM

9:30 AM

Panel I: Gun-Related Crime and Enforcement: State and National Considerations

Morgan Cloud, Emory University School of Law
W. Matthew Dodge
Paul L. Howard Jr.
David E. Patton, Federal Defenders of New York
Sally Yates, King & Spalding

Tull Auditorium, Emory University School of Law

9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

12:30 PM

Panel II: Gun Violence and Mental Health: Statistics and Realities

Sarah Shalf, Emory University School of Law
Annie Deets, Emory University School of Law
Mark Rosenberg, The Task Force for Global Health
Jeffrey Swanson, Duke University School of Medicine
Fredrick Vars, University of Alabama School of Law

Tull Auditorium, Emory University School of Law

12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

2:15 PM

Panel III: Gun Policy and Political Pressure: Interest Groups and Social Movements

Richard D. Freer, Emory University School of Law
Kristin Goss, Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy
David S. Meyer, UC Irvine School of Social Sciences
Jaclyn Schildkraut, SUNY Oswego
Frank J. Vandall, Emory University School of Law

Tull Auditorium, Emory University School of Law

2:15 PM - 3:45 PM