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Matthew Sag 0000-0003-2381-1028

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Schumpeter, Creative Destruction, Competition law and policy, Sherman Act, Anticompetitive conduct, Antitrust, Intellectual Property


This Essay proceeds as follows. We briefly introduce the concept of creative destruction and its place in Schumpeter’s work in Part II. In Part III we explain why a truly Schumpeterian competition policy demands more than a laissez faire approach. We explain why the law must preserve opportunities and incentives for creative destruction at all stages of innovation and we review four key policy areas of antitrust law from this innovation-focused perspective: unilateral conduct cases (Part III.A), cases at the intersection of IP and antitrust (Part III.B), Sherman Act section 1 cases (Part III.C), and merger policy (Part III.D). In Part IV we turn our attention to how the federal antitrust agencies can prioritize innovation through case selection and competition advocacy.

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Iowa Law Review