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Patent, The Patent Act, Novelty, E-commerce, Doctrine of equivalents, Doctrine of analogous art, Intellectual property, USPTO, Internet business model


Part I of this Article provides a look at Internet business model patents in light of key patentability requirements mandated by the Patent Act. Part II traces the evolution of the analogous art component of the non-obviousness determination and illustrates how the malleability of the doctrine, as exemplified in several Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit decisions, has particular relevance to prior art definitions for Internet business model patents. Part III of this Article then examines the doctrine of equivalents and explores how the likelihood of improper application of this doctrine in the Internet business model context is increased.

Recognizing that feasible solutions are not limited to doctrinal remedies, this Article also mentions other, more drastic ways of addressing the Internet business model conundrum. It concludes, however, that rational exercise of the elasticity present in both the doctrine of analogous art and the doctrine of equivalents provides a better approach to defining proper Internet business model claim scope.

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Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review


© 2001, Margo A. Bagley.