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Reproductive justice, U.S. Constitution, Unenumerated rights, Individual rights, Vulnerability theory


I want to thank the Texas A&M Law Review for including my work in this special Issue and express my appreciation to Professor Dinner for her thoughtful comments concerning the evolution of my scholarship. Professor Dinner raises the question of whether that earlier work is relevant to the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization opinion, specifically, and to broader issues of reproductive justice, more generally. For me, Dobbs illustrates—once again—how our American obsession with both individual rights and Supreme Court jurisprudence can distort our sense of the possibilities for achieving social (or reproductive) justice. I see my work as an attempt to argue for a different perspective, one that might have the ability to alter or redirect that obsession. I also believe that the universal vulnerability approach has the potential to expand, and perhaps even refine, debates about reproductive justice.

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Texas A&M Law Review