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Building a Bridge Between WASH in HCFs and the Right to Water Through the Lens of Maternal and Child Health

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Despite being recognized as a human right over a decade ago, the right to water has yet to achieve universal recognition. And although the proportion of births taking place in HCFs as opposed to home delivery has increased globally from 52 percent in 2000 to 76 percent in 2018, an estimated three million infants still die each year in the first month of life. This Essay will begin by discussing the right to water and the barriers to its implementation when framed solely as a human rights obligation. The first section will specifically highlight sources that emphasize the right to water with regard to women and children. Next, this Essay will survey the recent efforts to ensure adequate WASH in HCFs and the impact these services can have on maternal and newborn health. Finally, this Essay will conclude by explaining that a focus on maternal and child health can serve as a bridge between the WASH in HCFs movement and the right to water movement, which has been stunted by the progressive realization requirement.



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