Jed Odermatt

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Emory Int'l L. Rev. Recent Dev.

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Spring 1-1-2017


One noticeable aspect of the public debate since the Brexit referendum is how frequently parties have framed their arguments in legal terms. The UK Government, EU officials, leaders of EU Member States, as well as the media and academics often discuss Brexit in terms of what is legally permissible. These legal debates have focused for the most part on questions arising under either UK constitutional law or under EU law. What has been missing from this debate, however, are the possible questions that might arise under international law. For decades, the EU has been active on the international plane, entering into agreements in fields such as trade, fisheries, and so on. As the UK seeks to disentangle itself from these complex legal relationships, international law plays a role at each level. This short contribution explores some of the ways in which international law issues arise through the Brexit process.



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