Emory Corporate Governance and Accountability Review


John T. Boese


For over 30 years since leaving the Justice Department in 1977, Mr. Boese has represented corporate and institutional defendants in civil and criminal fraud investigations and lawsuits in various industries. Initially defending those in the defense industry, Mr. Boese's practice evolved into representing many for-profit and non-profit hospitals and other healthcare companies, as well as companies in the oil and gas, import/export, insurance, and financial services industries. His particular area of expertise is defending False Claims Act lawsuits, which led him into internal investigations, corporate criminal defense, and resolution of ancillary agency suspension, debarment and exclusion proceedings arising from these criminal and civil investigations and litigations. This has included developing corporate compliance programs and advising compliance officials, primarily in the defense and healthcare industries. Mr. Boese has personally witnessed the adoption and growth of corporate compliance programs and is a frequent lecturer on this topic to university and trade groups.