Emory International Law Review

Write-On Competition

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions and answers about the Write-On Competition and the Emory International Law Review (EILR). We look forward to the 2020 competition.

Q: Where can I find the Journal Information Session video recording and Write-On Information Packet?
A: All information about the grading criteria EILR is adopting for the 2020 Write-On competition is included in the Write-On Information Packet, which can be found at https://law.emory.edu/academics/journals/index.html. Additionally, both the video and the packet are located on The Fourth Floor page on Canvas.

Q: How has EILR changed its grading criteria to accommodate the unusual circumstances that COVID-19 and the mandatory Pass/Fail grading system?
A: Due to the unusual circumstances of the 2020 Spring Semester, EILR has decided to minimize the consideration of GPA in the Write-On Competition. We understand that grades are not always indicative of success on EILR, but still wish to recognize students who had extraordinary performance in their academic achievement during the Fall semester. As such, first semester grade point average will comprise 10% of a student's Write-On score.

Q: What is the makeup of my Write-On Competition score?
A: The make up of a student's overall score will be as follows:

  • 40% Casenote
  • 30% Bluebook Citation Quiz
  • 20% Personal Statement
  • 10% First Semester Grade Point Average

However, the Editorial Board of EILR reserves the right to disregard grades altogether and extend invitations to individuals who write an especially impressive casenote.

Q: Will every personal statement be read and graded?
A: Yes. EILR has appointed a Committee comprised of two members of the Executive Board who do not play a role in grading student comments. Each personal statement will be read and graded by two different Executive Board Members. If there is a large differentiation in scores, the personal statement will be reviewed and scored by the Editor-In-Chief.

Q: How will the Committee grade my personal statement?
A: To evaluate how your membership will help strengthen EILR as an organization, the Committee will take a holistic approach to scoring personal statements by considering many aspects including, but not limited to, topic selection and writing ability.

Q: Where should I direct any additional questions?
A: All questions about EILR and the personal statement can be directed to Stephanie Saran, EILR's Editor-in-Chief, at stephanie.saran@emory.edu.